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Spiritual Awakening Meditation Class for Community

Happy Science at Happiness Planting Center offers Meditation Workshops, spiritual training, and Truth-study classes for spiritual growth, forgiving others, spiritual healing, giving love, unconditional love, Understanding the meaning of your life and the world, and transforming yourself to becoming your ideal person.
(Upcoming Mind Fullness Meditation Class)  : good for beginners or all ages are welcome!
Reverend Nicole Sakurai, of Happy Science is lovingly shares the teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa the founder of Happy Science and a well-known world spiritual leader revered as a living Buddha. Reverend Sakurai has practiced spiritual growth for 26 years. A near death experience awakened her spiritual awareness which led to her discovery of Master Okawa and Happy Science. Happy Science provides the wisdom and tools to help people in modern society discover true happiness.
We have a book shop carries many Master Okawa’s  books , self-improvement book selections and selected world spiritual books as well.
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